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Photoelectric Sensors E3FA-E3FB Omron

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14 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Photoelectric Sensors E3FA-E3FB Omron

Omron's compact E3FA series of photoelectric sensors is simple and quick to mount, as well as easy and intuitive to set-up. The large and robust adjuster makes life much easier for installers to adjust the sensor, as does the bright, high-power red LED, which is clearly visible for easy alignment, even over longer distances. Similarly, the sensor's LED status indicator can be viewed from long distances and wide angles

Sensors (E3FA Plastic housing)


Sensor type Sensing
Model NPN output PNP output Through-beam *1.
20 m
(Red light) pre-wired set E3FA-TN11 2M
Emitter E3FA-TN11-L 2M
Receiver E3FA-TN11-D 2M set E3FA-TP11 2M
Emitter E3FA-TP11-L 2M
Receiver E3FA-TP11-D 2M M12 connector set E3FA-TN21
Emitter E3FA-TN21-L
Receiver E3FA-TN21-D set E3FA-TP21
Emitter E3FA-TP21-L
Receiver E3FA-TP21-D 15 m
(Infrared light) pre-wired set E3FA-TN12 2M
Emitter E3FA-TN12-L 2M
Receiver E3FA-TN12-D 2M set E3FA-TP12 2M
Emitter E3FA-TP12-L 2M
Receiver E3FA-TP12-D 2M M12 connector set E3FA-TN22
Emitter E3FA-TN22-L
Receiver E3FA-TN22-D set E3FA-TP22
Emitter E3FA-TP22-L
Receiver E3FA-TP22-D Retro-reflective
with MSR
function *2.
0.1 to 4 m
with E39-R1S
(Red light) pre-wired E3FA-RN11 2M E3FA-RP11 2M M12 connector E3FA-RN21 E3FA-RP21
call/hubungi : 021 6329866 - 08561003778
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