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  • Water Blaster Mermaid E500, E800, E1100 Slim Nilfisk Den-Sin

Water Blaster Mermaid E500, E800, E1100 Slim Nilfisk Den-Sin

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06 / 12 / 2019
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Pengembangan indokita teknik ; Pengembangan ini untuk mempermudah pelayanan pembelian part.

his development is to facilitate the purchase of service parts, machines and accesories. Our customer is always a priority in business development efforts.we giving a cost compatible price with the other.

Detail Water Blaster Mermaid E500, E800, E1100 Slim Nilfisk Den-Sin


E500 Pressure500Bar/7250Psi ;  E800 Pressure 800Bar/11600Psi ; E1100 Pressure 1100/16500Psi

The MERMAID Slimline Heavy Duty High-Pressure Water Blasters offer powerful and cost efficient cleaning for professional users.
• Removing paint and rust on steel surfaces.
• Removing lime scale deposits and marine growth..
• Deck cleaning and cleaning of cargo hold.
• Dust free wet sand blasting with optional accessories.


• Solid, galvanized & powder-coated frame.
• Non-corrosive material used in pumps and fittings.
• Unique pump design with quintupie (5) ceramic plungers ensuring 
  smooth pulsation free flow
• Triplex pump with solid carbide plungers.
• Stainless steel pump-head.
• Drip return ensuring long seal life and drip free operation.
• Built-in stainless Unloader/safety value.
• Start up accumulator.
• Crankcase of solid cast-iron ensuring stability and vibration dampening.*
• stainless steel weather proof star/delta starter box 
• Duplex steel values*
• stainless steel value casing
• built in booster pump with independent Electrical Connection* 


• marine/shipping
  I. Bulk Carriers
  II. Container liners
  III. Crude Carriers.
• Offshore.
• hydro blasting cleaning contractors
call/hubungi : 021 6329866 - 08561003778
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