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Diaphragm Pumps Vc0201b/0301b 20/30w Nitto

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Diaphragm Pumps Vc0201b/0301b 20/30w Nitto

The VC 0201B assembled by Nitto, is an AC Dual Pump that features an attainable vacuum of -187 mbar. This device is powered by a 230 V or 120 V of rated voltage with a 20 l/min of rated airflow. In addition, it operates with an utmost pressure of 0.18 bar and a rated pressure of 0.1 bar.

The VC0301B is a diaphragm pump with attainable vacuum pressure -213 mbar and 25 l/min rated airflow. The rated voltage of the pump is 230 V and 120 V to produce maximum 0.2 bar pressure and 0.1 bar rated pressure. It requires 27 W power and its rated frequency varies between 50 Hz and 60 Hz. The expected life of the diaphragm pump is 10,000 hours. The working pressure range of the pump is -213 mbar to 0.2 bar.
The pump features 8.5mm O.D. hose nipple outlet and 10.5mm O.D. hose nipple inlet. It supports continuous duty cycle and coil insulation class “B” for 230V or its equivalent JETL and 120V for “A” class insulation. Its mounting dimensions are 125 L x 56 W mm and the gross weight is 1.7 kg. The length of the lead wire is 300 mm and the vacuum pump is used for solder fume suction and to prevent bedsore mattress.
call/hubungi : 021 6329866 - 08561003778
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