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  • BaerFix® Thread Inserts "with cutting holes"

BaerFix® Thread Inserts with cutting holes

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01 / 12 / 2019
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1 Buah


Pengembangan indokita teknik ; Pengembangan ini untuk mempermudah pelayanan pembelian part.

his development is to facilitate the purchase of service parts, machines and accesories. Our customer is always a priority in business development efforts.we giving a cost compatible price with the other.

Detail BaerFix® Thread Inserts With Cutting Holes

jual BaerFix® Thread Inserts with cutting holes

· cut their own threads
· for thread reinforcement
· for thread repair
· high connection with workpiece
· very high pull-out strength
· minimize weight and space
· corrosion resistance
· easy to install
· Application: For all metal and plastic working industry

· for materials with more difficult machining characteristics
· tick wall allows higher cutting forces and is stronger
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